Wilcox celebrated his 13th wedding anniversary in a very romantic way yesterday and Woody experienced kids running around a restaurant with poop filled diapers.  Good weekend!

It Happened in Flor-I-Duh:  School lunch lady arrested for a booze filled orgy with high school students.

Man thinks his GF is stealing money from him.  He's right.  She stole $5000 and put it up her backside.  Tongs & toliet brush used to try & retreive it.

Woman pays a psychic to try & get dead husband's sperm.

Last night was the Comedy Central Roast of James Franco.  We have audio..........

Craigslist Price is Right:  Cock Flavored Soup.  25% less sodium...pic!

10 coupons for Hooters of Concord

4 Vintage Muskrat/Beaver/Mink Animal Traps

Yesterday, while at the Knights Baseball game, Wilcox saw our buddy Wilson from WCCB.  Wilson didn't recognize Wilcox....he couldn't remember his name.  We discuss, chat with Wilson and take your stories on people you KNOW but can't remember.

Free tix to the NHRA Nationals with a game from Woody:  "Races the Drag or Loves to Teabag"

Summer's officially over BUT it's not too early to plan a family Christmas vacation!  Woody has details on the place you'll wanna go............

It Happened in Flor-I-Duh II:  74 year old man on a bus has a problem with his undies.  Def not "emailing the bagpipper" while using shampoo on his genitals.

Direct TV installer sets a family's house on fire.

High School Nurse takes students meds.  Colors sugar pills with highlighters to give to kids.

Update on the man who was arrested a few months back for peeping at women by hiding in the septic tank of a porta potty.  This dude is a FREAK!

New band name for DZL:  "Screaming Vagina"