Linkin Park Debuts New Song Live

posted by Wendy Rollins -

Last Friday I watched the tribute to Linkin Park's front man, Chester Bennington, live from LA and I was in awe of the strength of the band to walk back on that stage without him. Unfortunately many of us have lost friends and family, we know what it is to grieve-- but it's something far different to grieve in a literal spotlight. 

There were many times I know they got a little choked up and many times I saw them smile and look up seeming to bask in a sunshine only their fans could bring back to them. When I saw the fans take over the vocals for Chester--this speaks for itself:

I seriously thought my heart would crack open after watching that and then this happened...Mike Shinoda said he wrote this eight days after hearing Chester had passed. He said it's not finished but I found the imperfection and rawness of this to be perfect. The words of a survivior: