#TRENDING (12/21)

posted by American Radio Presenter Toby Knapp // @tkradio -

So, AMERICAN RADIO PRESENTER TOBY KNAPP made progress on his #ChristmasProcrastination problem last night.

Sources say Knapp was spotted at an electronics superstore where he intently shopped for certain devices. It's unclear if said devices were gifts for himself, his daughter, the 13-year-old Kyla, or for other family or friends. 

Knapp did say he was thankful for "the greatness of Amazon Prime and same-day delivery" this morning from his iHeartRadio studios. He was detailing his holiday shopping progress, as well as his efforts to send some cards to friends and fans today before mailing them would be "late, akin to being on #TobyTime." 

And now... on to Thursday... 

The writer of a popular DC-regional Christmas song is fighting cancer.... Click here for the story. If you'd like to help with a contribution, click here for the GO FUND ME PAGE... and give what you can!