5 Dramatic Dog Rescue Transformations in Honor of National Puppy Day

Today is National Puppy Day, so we thought we would share a few videos that will warm your heart.

Rescues do a lot of great work for animals, usually taking dogs on death row or near death and treating them back to health.

Here are five dogs that found a second chance at life because no one gave up on them.

Kristy was found with very bad mange, parasites, puss modules all over her face and was set to be euthanized.  She was rescued by the Vet Ranch and brought back to health and became a very charismatic, happy, and loving dog.

Auggie was found with severe mange, ear infections and worm. His skin was flaking off and his hair was mostly gone. After some love and antibiotics, you'd never guess his breed from his before video! 

Miley the Husky was found living in a trash pile.  She had been there for months surviving off of anything she could.  Full of mange, Hope for Paws rescued her and gave her medical attention and care.

She was so sweet and just wanted to be touched and loved.  After a few days, she warmed up to people around her and even met a few dog friends. Miley even had a best friend, Frankie, a rescue Chihuahua found in a drain pipe. Here's Miley's update video.

Violet was mauled by another dog and her owners tried to treat her at home instead of taking her to the vet. With no healing happening, they surrendered her to be euthanized.

Vet Ranch treated her, bathed her, gave her antibiotics and she was a whole new dog. 

This street dog had completely given up hope. He was found motionless on the side of the road when Animal Aid caught him. He had such severe mange, he had no fur left on his body at all. 

He was in intensive treatment for two months and became a brand new dog. 

We can't thank rescues enough for all the work they do!

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