Here's When Dave Grohl Felt Most Embarrassed by His Mother

Dave Grohl had an interview unlike any other when he went one-on-one with his mother, Virginia.

Virginia Grohl is the author of a new book called From Cradle to Stage: Stories from the Mothers Who Rocked and Raised Rock Stars. The book includes interviews from the mothers of Dr. Dre, Adam Levine and more.  Dave's mom was also one of those contributors.

During the interview, Dave and his mom look back on a time when her support turned into embarrassment in Washington, D.C.

Years ago, the two visited a jazz club in D.C. they often frequented that was the watering hole for many talented and trained jazz musicians. One visit, on her birthday, she asked Dave to join the band onstage and play the drums. At that point, he had only been playing for a year and that was by drumming on pillows. 

He was called upon to join the band onstage and the entire thing was extremely short-lived due to his lack of experience alongside a jazz combo.

It looks like he's done well for himself since those days. 

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