Dee Snider's Re-Purposed We're Not Gonna Take It!

While in Vegas in March, my wife and I saw Criss Angel at The Luxor. After the show, Criss told the audience something that was news to us, that his young son was battling cancer. Through a slideshow he shared photos of his 2 year old and told us there would be collection containers in the lobby if any of us felt compelled to give on the way out. We gave because of his heartfelt plea for help fight childhood cancer. As parents and grandparents of healthy kids, how could we not be moved and extremely grateful for what we have.

Criss Angel directed this video of Dee Snider's newly re-purposed "We're Not Gonna Take it" as it pertains to the fight against childhood cancer. Powerful stuff. Please watch and please share. We all watch and share "viral" videos that are fun but don't really move the needle. Support for childhood cancer can one day make a difference.