After Getting Bullied, Keaton Jones Becomes Face of Anti-Bullying Movement

Meet Keaton Jones. Keaton has become a household name the past few days after a video went viral where he asked his mom one simple question... "Just out of curiosity, why do they bully?"

Keaton's mother recorded this video after he called her and begged for her to pick him up from school because he's afraid to go to lunch. He emotionally recalls kids pouring milk on him and bullying him. 

"It's not okay," he says through tears. Even through all the pain, he leaves the video with hope: "It'll probably get better one day."

This video has caused a storm of celebrities to reach out and you won't believe some of the things he's being invited to.

Chris Evans wants Keaton to join him at the Avengers premiere next year. 

Hailee Steinfeld has asked Keaton to be her date to the "Pitch Perfect 3" premiere this week.

Mark Ruffalo is asking Keaton to join him on the red carpet for the "Infinity War" premiere.

Dozens of celebrities are also reaching out to show their support, to let him know they #StandWithKeaton 

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