Where You Decided I Should Celebrate My 100th Day In Charlotte

When I accepted this job in the Queen City, I knew two things were really important: getting to know you... the people that make this beautiful city thrive... and finding all the good spots to eat. I did both by documenting my 1st 100 days in Charlotte on Instagram #100DaysofCLT.

I took your recommendations along the way, discovered a couple of places organically, and put on about 10 pounds but it has been so worth it! 

Last Thursday, I celebrated DAY 100! I took a vote on where I should bring in the momentous occasion, and hands down the answer was FAHRENHEIT. Boy were you on the money with this one. From the view to the Rose to the delicious ahi tuna nachos, this place is awesome.

Thank you for making me feel so welcome in Charlotte. Moving is always a challenge, but you've made the experience an adventure.

Below are some of the highlights & of course, day 100.

Cheers to 100 days down & many more to go!

Day 100: I honestly can’t believe this day is already here! Soaking in the sun & counting my blessings for the amazing opportunity to call the Queen City home 👑 I am grateful for my first 100 days. They’ve been filled with fun & adventure and have allowed me to make new friends & create new memories ❤️ An overwhelming amount of you suggested I celebrate today at @fahrenheitclt and I can totally see why! An amazing view of our beautiful city & lawd are these ahi nachos delicious! I can’t wait to keep exploring. Cheers to many adventures ahead 🥂 #100daysofCLT

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Day 98: I have found the best wings of my life! Smoked & double grilled at McKoy’s 🍗 I don’t know that I’ve ever tasted wings SO. DAMN. GOOD. #100daysofCLT

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Day 92: So far @nikkorestaurant is my favorite sushi spot 🍣 This hamachi sashimi was beyond #100daysofCLT

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Day 60: Took a moment today to soak up the sunshine ☀️ and try @diamondclt & it was delicious 🍔 I love a good thin patty & the Greek salad was like a treasure chest of treats like dolmades and little cubes of salty feta 🥗 #100daysofCLT

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Day 52: Dare I say, this is one of the best donuts I’ve EVER had 🍩 The lemon poppyseed confection was handed to me piping hot. Each bite started with an ever so slight crisp from the fried dough & then melted as I got to the center. Thank you @reigningdoughnuts 🍩 (PRO TIP: the center of the donut is 100% fat/gluten/carb free. No regrets) #100daysofCLT

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Day 44: Repeat offender. I came back to @solsticetavern BUT it’s my first time eating. Once I found out that they do tacos on the T’s (every Tuesday & Thursday) I had to come in 🌮 $1.50 tacos 🌮 Choose between crunchy/soft & beef/chicken. My fave combo was crunchy beef 🙌 #100daysofCLT

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