Thom Yorke Plays Radiohead's "Bloom" at Electric Lady Studios: Watch

Radiohead's "Bloom" has been one of the band's most intricate to play live since it was released on 2011's King of Limbs, usually requiring three drummers to master the tricky rhythm. The track's complexities make Thom Yorke's recent solo piano rendition even more intriguing. The frontman recorded the song live at New York City's iconic Electric Lady Studios last November. In the video, Yorke fiddles with electronics to create loops of piano chords and plays a haunting version of the song backed by piano and his manually crafted feedback.

Along with "Bloom," Yorke also performed three songs from his recently released Suspiria soundtrack: “Suspirium,” “Unmade” and “Open Again.”

Watch a playlist of all four songs below.


Yorke will be releasing seven previously unreleased songs from the Suspiria sessions next month in the form of Suspiria: Limited Edition Unreleased Material — a 12" record of which only 1,500 copies have been pressed. It will be released on February 22nd. Fans can find more information here.

The soundtrack's single "Suspirium" was recently short-listed for the Academy Awards' "Best Original Song" category. Though the singer-songwriter has made it abundantly clear that he will not be attending Radiohead's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this Spring, he seems particularly excited about his potential inclusion in the Oscar nominations. 

Photo: YouTube


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