Man Breaks World Record For Longest Run On A Treadmill

Man runs over 500 miles on a treadmill and breaks the world record for the best reason ever...CHARITY!

Specifically, the Superhero Foundation which grants money to children needing expensive & hard-to-get treatments

Jamie McDonald ran 524.4 miles in one week on a treadmill

adventureman on Instagram writes:

He’s done it!!!
Jamie is now the (unofficial, until verified) world record holder of the @guinnessworldrecordsrecord for the greatest distance covered in 7 days on a treadmill 💪💪💪
As Jamie said when he equalled the record though... records aren’t just there to be broken, they’re there to be SMASHED!!!
We had a crowd of 500+ here to watch him break the record - let’s have the same here for the finish at 1pm!

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