Angi Taylor Show Recap with Jay the Gay - 3-1-2021

This is a small taste of the show overall, the bits and bobs that I found interesting and funny, insightful and relevant. To hear everything that happened, check out the podcast version of the show. If you want a quick read along with random self inserts and my personal thoughts, you've come to the right place.

Call in Points:

(This is the broadstroke canvas on which I base my call, obviously these notes are going to be longer and more detailed.)

It's Monday which isn't as bad as Tuesday but still, Monday. That said, it is the first of the month, Spring is slowly making its way to the surface and Abe got trapped in the elevator this morning. All and all, a great way to start the day and week imo.

There were plenty of stop and start questions this morning but one that caught traction (I personally liked the super power one) was about collecting. Angi was curious, what do you like to collect? We've all heard before about her Prince shrine that she has at her death trap house. What about the roadies, do you collect sports memorabilia, Funko's, dead celebrity teeth? This was spawned from a basketball hoop that once adorned the garage of Kobe Bryant's childhood home that was recently auctioned off. Some loser paid $37,000 for that junk because people can't be trusted with money. Before going to listeners, we heard about Abe's ivory tower condo, which has an aesthetic of pristine and not filled with useless trash apparently. He really couldn't describe the look he was going for, I'm assuming it was meant to be like a modern, cool, bachelor who is not a bachelor but won't let his girlfriend come over and filled with ornate furniture. Roadie Pat, who should have been hung up on, called to discuss his collection of Packer's memorabilia. His prized piece is an Aaron Rodgers signed jersey that he won in a silent auction for $150 (because no one else was getting in on that trash.) Steve collects audio files of celebrities saying his catchphrase "g'mooorning" and in turn, also gets them to autograph photos of themselves after they do it.

Next we took a turn to the macabre, as a question of what have you done to commemorate a dead relative or friend in a weird way. This could be looked at in the recent story that came about that discussed the guy who turned his uncle's skeleton into a guitar. However, the spawn point for this story was an interesting and weird new concept that was announced recently. A company can take a photo of a dead person and with the magic of deep fakes, turn that photo into a moving picture (technology is really cool sometimes.) Angi was curious if any listeners would do this or if they had an interesting commemoration of a someone who was beloved but deceased. Abe, of course, has nothing, as we learned above, he's in spring cleaning my life mode as is. He does have voicemails though, 100's of them since he never deletes them. Speaking of voicemails, Angi has one from her father in law because she thought it was cute (he's deceased.) This turned to tattoo talk (a perfect way to commererate) and we learned Jay the Straight has a small butterfly hidden in his sleeve as a remembrance of his mother. He also has Angi's name tucked in there as well. As for Angi, she has a j (it's not a fishhook) tattoo behind her ear as well as 4 other hidden tattoos.

Finally, has something ever happened to you that was so ridiculous, crazy, out there or just plain cool, that no one believes it? A guy on Reddit said that Orlando Bloom once winked at him and blew him a kiss. Another said he skewered a fly from 9 feet across the room by throwing a pen. When we came to our dear hosts, both of their stories were celeb based. For Abe's, we treaded down a worn road where he described how he was the inspiration between the Hollywood Hogan vs. The Rock match at Wrestlemania. You see, he had been in the same room with Hogan prior and had told him he should have a match with The Rock over who is more Hollywood and guess what, it happened! Angi, once smoked weed with everyone's favorite dad Alan Thicke (RIP) at a party thrown by Puff Daddy, while Alan Thicke was dating Miss America. Roadie Max called in to tell the story of how after leaving a bar in Wrigleyville, he found someone breaking into his car. He snuck up on the guy, choked him out and left him on the sidewalk. Thomas had a crazy story about how he was almost murdered by John Wayne Gacy when he was a teenager. Tony had the Mr. T steal a gas pump from him. Trashman Tim, well he once disappeared at a Sox game and was essentially babysat by Ozzie Guillen until his father found him.

Request Wars:

Current Champion: Frankie (2x)

Challenger Song Choice: "Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck"

Champion Song Choice: "Bullet with Butterfly Wings"

Observation: Well, the song choices were a bit lackluster but the smack talk okay so I'm getting behind Jim because he's our city cousin and his song isn't overplayed garbage.

Winner: Frankie

Other Topics:

As we've heard (and will hear about for the next year or so as it's a great excuse,) Abe has a new condo. This weekend, he met a Karen, who lives in his building. This Cruella DeVille looking pig who has an uppity "bitch" guy with her, got mad because Abe was parked out front and moving up tile. This was something that was done relatively quickly but as you know, every Karen loses it over the smallest of things because being entitled is a state of mind as well as a way of life. After he was finished and she went off, his brother (who lives in the same building) noted that she is known as the buildings head Karen apparently. Angi, on the other hand, went out on Friday night for a quick celebration. While at an overly crowded Mother Hubbard's (because apparently the 'rona is totally over, #eyeroll,) she decided to use the bathroom. Playing that hot game "Pick a Stall," merited an interesting interaction. Pushing open the first door, she encountered a girl on the toilet who yelled "get out of here bitch" at her. The second door also had a girl behind it because the comedic effect was in full swing. Angi went on to explain how one should block the door with their foot if they're using a stall and furthermore, not to call someone who opens the door unknowingly a bitch (even if she is ... cough.) The topic closed itself out discussing why there is a need for unlocked doors or no doors at all (hint hint sniff sniff.) That's right, they don't want you doing coke in there even though you probably had it sold to you by the attendant who was actually in there with you.

Next, Angi came for those people who live in the burbs, she had a curiosity question for them. Are you afraid to come into the city, like downtown and into The Loop? This came from a friend of Angi, whose cousin was bored but has never been to the city and was not about to start visiting because she never had been and was afraid of it. Angi really wanted to know why roadies have never been to Downtown and The Loop, to which Abe offered up imo a damn good one, carjackings. Roadie Anne called in to offer up what I consider a great example to line this point. She came from a small town, like okey smokey real small. For her, driving is super intimidating and causes anxiety when she does it in places that are bigger than what she is used to. She has a 19 year old son who lives near O'Hare and even that drive makes her all panicked. I mean I can't blame her, going out there is a real jaunt and boring to boot. Anyway, she also told a great story about how a trip to a concert ended up with her somehow going to Wisconsin three times trying to head home. Maybe it is smart to keep her away from The Loop after all.

Lastly, there was a discussion on super powers earlier this morning and it was actually kind of interesting hearing the wanted powers of Angi and Abe. This was brought on by a contest that offered a cash prize if you can prove you have super powers. Abe wanted flight, telling some kind of rambling story about birds (it was early and I was still waking up.) Angi was discussing how she already has a super power, which is the ability to make wine disappear. Though if given the choice, she would like teleportation because of the ease of it all. The discussion then turned to beliefs, like the spiritual world and magic, stuff of that nature. Angi is a firm believer, Abe is not. It capped with a dream discussion, Abe dreaming of a plane landing in water, which is one that Angi has also had. Circling back, I would settle for shape shifting as my ability but as for what powers I actually have, I can create glory holes out of thin air and make junk disappear.

10 o' Clock Toast:

The Month of March. It means winter is almost done, it's blue outside, it's beautiful and it's going to be in the 50's this week.

The CEO of LiveNation. He said concerts are coming back by the end of summer. Angi will be there with her flower crown on and her boobs out.

Show Quotes and Tidbits:

"You know, I can make wine disappear." - Angi (superpowered magician)

"It was awesome when his (Brett Farve) wife had cancer and he was sending junk pics to a reporter." - Abe

"Sitting behind the glass at a hockey game is the greatest sports experience ever." - Abe