Angi Taylor Show Recap with Jay the Gay - 1-13-2021

This is just a small taste of the show overall, the bits and bobs that I found interesting, funny, insightful and relevant. To hear everything that happened, check out the podcast of today's show. However, if you're looking for a quick read along with random self inserts and my personal thoughts, you've come to the right place.

Call in Points:

(This is the broadstroke canvas on which I base my call, obviously these notes are going to be longer and more detailed.)

After a quick goof on radio DJ's, which Angi hates because she feels like she gets a bad rap because of them, Angi furthered her crusade against men once more this morning. Browsing Reddit while lying on her couch, brown liquor drunk (I'm assuming, all this woman does is work, chill and sleep,) she came across a topic about men. This was about things that dudes felt other dudes needed to stop doing and being as Abe is the only other man around that has to take daily abuse from her, she decided to get his opinion on the instances offered up.

Peeing in front of the urinal (aka pissing on the floor.) - Abe agrees but added that there's dude's with small junk and they can't help but end up accidentally peeing on the floor. (Then there's the Abeaconda, which can be used from across the room and still hit perfectly.)

Leaving facial hair in the sink. - Abe agrees and this was a trigger for Angi because Jay the Straight leaves baby hairs in the sink all the time. Factor in the toothpaste dribble and it doesn't matter that they have two sinks, she wants his blood.

Fighting over a woman. - Abe agrees and suggests letting her go and just moving on, it's not worth it. He knew two guys who were always fighting over chicks who are best friends now because in the end it doesn't matter.

Let men cry, don't give them crap about it. - Abe disagrees because he is made of stone and hates when guys cry. Abe is clearly part of the problem.

A straight piped Honda Civic doesn't sound cool. - Abe agrees.

Stop going after women in relationships. - Abe isn't too bothered with this one. It goes both ways and men are going to keep doing it anyway.

Stop being crap fathers and husbands. - Abe totally agrees. It's quite easy to keep from having kids (for example, throw hot sauce in your condoms before tossing them in the toilet like Drake.) If you have a kid, go and do stuff with them, you made that choice.

Abe had a couple of thoughts on other men need to stop doing as well. Stop saying to women "how you doing darling?" You should only do that if you're 70 or Matthew McConaughey. Abe also doesn't like guys who ask where their dinner is. Also, why do guys need man caves? How about 3 bedrooms? One for men, one for women, one for both. Since we're on the subject, Angi chimed in some more as well. Apparently Jay the Straight was kicking Angi with his restless leg syndrome again last night, waking her up at 2 A.M. and sending her downstairs to figure out how to get rid of him again.

For whatever reason, Angi assumes that she can bring the show a dilemma and it might get solved in a reasonable manner. Speaking from personal observation, you have a 50/50 chance in crap shooting something into the air and getting a respectable answer. Surprisingly, we actually had a topic that was addressed and seemingly resolved (and by that I mean tabled until Angi loses it in a steam shooting frustration session or she's had a few to many.) Anyway, Angi received a DM from a girl she's vaguely kinda sorta friends with. Associate is the proper word here as this was someone she used to work with but does not talk to on a regular basis. Anyway, this bitch had the audacity to call out Angi for posting raunchy things on her social media, asking for her to stop posting raunchy things because her 15 year old daughter follows Angi. Rightfully enraged, Angi pointed out that at 15, her having a cell phone and social media opens her to a world of even worse content. She could be watching porn all day and her mother is worried about Angi's not even that raunchy content, oh hell no! Angi tried to say that she never posts anything racy but then tried to back away realizing that it was a flat out lie. Instead, she pointed out that she tries not to be disgusting at least. So, since she was furious reading the DM, Angi has yet to respond to it. Her initial reason for not responding was because it almost felt too ridiculous, like it was spam or fake. Then she thought to herself, instead of asking me to change what I post, how about you tell your kid to stop following. Abe had somewhat decent advice for this one, suggesting that she just get rid of this trash person out of her life. This is an easy way to see herself out of the friendship and she should grab this perfect out. In fact, leaving her on read was perfect because now the ball is in this jobber's court. She knows Angi saw it, she realizes Angi is digesting this idiotic take and she's probably nervous waiting for the response that will come. Another point that needs to be noted here is that Angi was heated when she read it and coming from someone who has seen her mad, Abe and I both know what her anger translates into. Literally nothing good comes from a mad Serbian Angi, even more so when she's been drinking. To her credit, she does happen to have a lot of resentment and anger under the surface and the moment the brown liquor hits, it starts to rip the filter off and she goes HAM. So the dilemma was apparently solved, drop this bitch like a hot potato and ignore her dumb hot take. What will probably end up happening though is that Angi will be sitting around drunk at 3 A.M., she'll remember the text and she will let this jobber girl have it. I surely hope this girl knows what she has gotten herself into.

Other Stuff from Today's Show:

As to be expected, Angi loves Rock 95.5 so much. Now, you would assume it's because she works there and has to say stuff like this but that's not it at all. The reality is this is the music of her generation and in a sense, that may age her but it's spot on. Remember the keg parties, the songs you jammed on the way to school, things you heard on your first date? Sure, you might feel a little old (Angi sure does) but that's because we are old, let's embrace it. Angi is Gen X (more like XXX, amirite?) and Abe is a Gereatric Millennial. Then again, Abe also considers himself a cusp Gen X'er so call it whatever. The point of all this is to showcase that the cool factor of Gen X'ers is starting to erode. Gen X'ers are finally old enough to get a museum exhibit and guess what, it will be here in Illinois. Entitled Growing Up X: Last Generation of an Analog Childhood, it will showcase all these things that were popular/relevant during their time (I'm in the same boat so I guess my time as well.) Hell, we didn't even have computers and we were busy playingOregon Trailon floppy disks and these days, I spend time on my Playstation daily, such a contrast. Anyway, this museum that is hosting the exhibit is seeking submissions and items for it. Things that have already been suggested include cassettes, VHS tapes, landline phones. They are looking for people to take a survey and tell them more things that belong in it and even for people to loan them items if you have them still sitting around (you hoarders!) So, the question here is what is something that you would submit to this exhibit? Angi decided that Cabbage Patch Kids would be hers, mainly because she was poor and never had one. Abe had not only a Cabbage Patch Doll but also a Teddy Ruxpin as well (no wonder why she hates him so much.) Abe's submission would be music because there was so much of it that had come into its own at that time. He started dropping bands like Guns N' Roses, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots (and yet somehow he didn't realize this was 90's and not Gen X.) MTV as well (again, doesn't fit but no one told him that.) Gen X btw, for those who are curious is 1965 to 1980. Angi feels old knowing this, like she's Sue the T-Rex (which is near fitting as she does have those gimp arms.) Kate called in to say that she wants to submit Aquanet hair spray (again, I feel like this doesn't fit the challenge perimeter.) Abe said he would put in the original Nintendo withTecmo Bowl(once more, everyone is failing this assignment.) How about her old eyes, could that work Angi pondered (that actually does fit.) Jason said that annoying fax machine sound. Brandon, who was born in 93 but feels he has an old soul, said a rolodex (that actually works I think.) Alex wants to put in a VHS copy of the Pam and Tommy sex tape. Another Jason said he'd throw in a pager. Over on the Facebook Group, John suggested an interactive display about "skitching." Gloria, she wants to put in a mix tape. I want to throw this topic in a garbage can because almost everyone missed proper items and ideas of what was being asked completely.

Finally, Cleveland sucks. I mean I was considering just leaving that as the last note point but I can't leave you hanging on why this is a fact. Cleveland, which houses the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame because it's not Vegas and he'll never go anywhere else. Anyway, they put out a list of bands that should have no business being in the Hall of Fame. Their criteria by the way is even more ridiculous than the trash Hall of Fame itself. They based it on artists being on clickbait trash likeRolling StonesTop 500 list and the like. So, knowing that their voting system sucks as is and now you're hearing this trash, it makes sense why Cleveland is getting hate. So who's on the list of needing the boot. Foo Fighters, to which Abe agrees because he feels they are too new still. Stevie Nicks for her solo career and Abe is still mad about yesterday so out she goes. Def Leppard, The Cars, Journey, Chicago, NWA, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts (I know someone will be furious about that,) and KIϟϟ. Here's a thought, let's line that trash can from the last topic with the city of Cleveland itself along with this garbage opinion list.

Request Wars 2.0:

Champion: Angi (Streak: 1)

Angi's (repping Carrie) Song Choice: "Eruption"

Abe's (repping Lindsey Buckingham) Song Choice: "The Chain"


Carrie is a lover of Guitar Hero and Eddie Van Halen so it would make sense that she pulls out this massive track. Abe, still fuming over his loss and seeing an exploit in the system, decided to try Angi's strategy of pulling out a Fleetwood song "for Lindsey." This is going to backfire spectacularly.

Winner: Angi

10 O'Clock Toast:

Jeremy Renner. He's apparently a woman now. To understand just what that means, I INSIST you listen to the podcast and hear the toast in full, it's truly incredible.

Show Quotes and Tidbits:

"What did you (Abe) just say!? Jeremy Renner is teaching little girls how to put tampons in!? - Angi

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