Angi Taylor Show Recap with Jay the Gay - 1-14-2021

This is just a small taste of the show overall, the bits and bobs that I found interesting, funny, insightful and relevant. To hear everything that happened, check out the podcast of today's show. However, if you're looking for a quick read along with random self inserts and my personal thoughts, you've come to the right place.

Call in Points:

(This is the broadstroke canvas on which I base my call, obviously these notes are going to be longer and more detailed.)

Records, meant to showcase feats of greatness and more so meant to be broken. Since I had to go out of my way to showcase Angi's greatness in her Request Wars victories, becoming the first player with 50 wins, it made sense that a discussion of other rock based records would occur today. One band not joining her in the hall of records would be Marcy Playground but the amount of times I hear that song on a weekly basis pretty much ensures someone got rich at least. That said, here's a quick list of some bands that hold world records. Metallica: They were the first band to play on all 7 continents in a year. KIϟϟ: They set a record for highest flame projection at a concert with 115 feet during their 2020 goodbye live stream in Dubai. This actually makes sense because according to Abe, Dubai just loves to spend cash. Pearl Jam: They released the most live tracks over the course of a week dropping a box set that included 5,404 songs. Mötley Crüe: They had the first song that sold better on Xbox than on iTunes. Twenty One Pilots: They were the first artist to certify gold on every track on two albums back to back. Iron Maiden: They did something, I missed it. Lastly, Shinedown: They have the most hits on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart with 16. This apparently is not an accomplishment according to Abe.

Because it's Friday and there's so much going on, we like to have a little fun when we can here on The Angi Taylor Show. With that said, Conrad Cooper apparently alerted Angi that today is National Dress Up Your Pet Day (because every stupid thing needs a holiday.) This led to Angi discussing how this cold weather has been absolutely hell for her household. Her little frenchie is part of the reason for this because when she goes for a walk, she gets about halfway down the block before she's raising her paws because she is frozen. So, thinking that she could be one of those cool pet moms with the dressed up pet, Angi bought a bunch of booties and the like for her. The thing is, the dog is just not having it and every time a pair of booties go on, they are immediately torn right off. I think this was just a roundabout way for Angi to explain to us that her house is covered in dog piss for like 4 months a year (lucky her! Thankfully the maid doesn't seem to mind cleaning it up.) Anyway, all of this inspired Angi to want to play a game with Abe and the roadies. Call in, tell them the name of your pet and they will guess what it is. As you could imagine, this went about as expected.

Jason: Fire and Ice. Angi guessed snakes, Abe guessed cats. Actual Pet(s): Dogs. Angi 0 - Abe 0

Head Roadie Tom: Bowser. Angi guessed dog, Abe guessed lizard. Actual Pet: Dog. Angi 1 - Abe 0

Evelyn: Ammo and Gunner. Angi guessed cat, Abe guessed cat. Actual Pet(s): Dogs. Angi 1 - Abe 0

Cam: Ember/Fire. Angi guessed fish, Abe guessed dogs. Actual Pet(s): Cat and Bearded Dragon. Angi 1 - Abe 0

Trashman Tim: Donald. Angi guessed bearded dragon. Turns out it was a Donald Trump Chia Pet (hang up on this man!)

Rory: Quentin. Angi guessed cat. Abe guessed bird. Actual Pet: Dog. Angi 1 - Abe 0.

So it turns out that not only was Angi the first to reach 50 wins in Request Wars but she also is (barely) better at guessing pets by name as well.

Other Stuff from Today's Show:

Well, here's a segment that we haven't heard in quite some time but what a way to return. Today, we got some Drunk Ninja News and it was crazy to hear that Elton John was arrested last week for DUI while driving his Lamborghini in West Virginia. I know what you're thinking, how have I not heard about this until now? Well, I mean it's probably because the Elton John we're discussing is some 33 year old jobber. This dude was a complete and utter mess btw. He was swerving between lines, hit a guard rail and had to be pulled over into the parking lot of a roller rink. The cops charged him with DUI and tons of traffic violations. Angi and Abe were curious how this Jersey Shore wannabe actually has access to a lambo (the assumption being that he rented it.) If you want to see what this sorry excuse for an amazing singer name share actually looks like, feel free to hit up the Rock 95.5 website.

Request Wars 2.0:

Champion: Angi (Streak: 2)

Angi's (repping Morgan) Song Choice: "Still of the Night"

Abe's (repping Wanda) Song Choice: "Low"


Abe Kanan is so selfless, always looking out for the little guy. Take for example lowley drug dealer Wanda, who sells weed for a living. She was forced to endure Corporate Taylor, who hated on drug dealers and tried to put her out of business. Even though she was evil as hell, Angi song sure slapped so I think this is an easy choice.

Winner: Angi

Don't Kill Angi Weekly Recap:

Angi's Having an Icy Cold Week

Mon: Head Roadie Josh had Angi buy expensive "pet friendly" rock salt. She put it on the porch and sidewalk and was satisfied with the job. Also thrilled was Angi's neighbor Karen, who thanked her for finally salting.. Walking away, she gave Angi a wave but because the salt is less effective due to being pet friendly, she slipped and fell, breaking her back in the process. As for her dog Toto, it started eating the salt and it turns out that it may have not been pet friendly. So, she injured her neighbor and possibly killed a dog but guess what, Angi lived! (Alive)

Tue: Jerry had Angi decide to wear yoga pants and a Zach LaVine jersey for her run along the lake shore. She assumed that since it was going to be 30 degrees today, she was dressed proper enough for the jaunt. However, a little way into it she realized that the temps weren't exactly as ideal as she anticipated. In fact, she started to find herself gasping for air because it turns out she caught hypothermia (sure, go with it.) She ended up collapsing and dying in the frigid weather. (Dead)

Wed: Brittany had Angi decide to use Vienna beef hotdogs as fishing bait. While fishing in Lake Michigan, she seemed to actually catch a massive one. It turned out that she was reeling in the world's first fresh water great white shark (cough.) She was struggling against it for a bit but seemed to be winning. However, as it went on her arms started to fill with lactic acid (cough cough) which caused her to lose her footing. With her balance off, she tumbled off the shore and into the water, where the fairly enraged shark ended up eating her. (Dead)

Thur: Pasquale had Angi use her 88 year old Serbian grandma Baba on a lawn chair for her dibs spot. As they sat her down and got situated, Angi's neighbor who feeds the pigeon decided to accost them. They got into a tussle and he was ready to break out a Mortal Kombat fatality but was interrupted by the emergence of Angi's dogs. They came out and started to attack the neighbor. The dogs were eating him alive and Baba was loving every minute of it. It turned out there was a death but it was Angi's jobber neighbor, meaning Angi lived to see another day! (Alive)

Fri: Adam had Angi redeem a coupon for chains on her tires. Even though she knows it's some form of shady deal, she ends up going through with it. After submitting her car, she's told she needs a capacitor, a format alignment and some type of valve. The clerk told her she wouldn't get her car back until she paid for these "upgrades." She looks down to witness that she didn't receive a coupon but a crapon. Furious at being scammed, Angi started to hulk out and grabbed the bumper off her car. She used it to bludgeon the clerk to death, therefore getting her the car, her winter tires and the week capped off with her alive. (Alive)

10 O'Clock Toast:

Jane Addams Elementary School. They have an after school Satan club that we're assumed comes with all the goat statues you can worship.

Show Quotes and Tidbits:

"Roadies, do you see what I have to deal with here?" - Abe (yelling at another roadie.)

PSAbe: God, that's good.

"That song that Buckcherry wrote about Angi Taylor really slaps! That crazy bitch." - Minn Barb

Best Bet of the Week: Take the Bengals -5 1/2 against the LA Raiders.

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