For the Record: I Don't Hate This Kid Singing the Anthem

So Wilcox and I had a squabble today about something ridiculous (shocking, I know). The latest viral video is a three year old kid singing the National Anthem at a minor league baseball game. And here's the thing- some people think it's a cute kid video and I GET IT. Trust me, I know kids do cute things. I've had a three year old (my son is five now) and I have a bonus son who is almost three. I live the mom life daily and I love my kids. But not evvvverything they do is adorable. I give this kid a standing ovation for being able to sing a song that doesn't involve a finger family, gummy bears or an animated character. And let's face it, plenty of adults don't know the lyrics to the National Anthem and if they did, could they even pronounce the words? Best of all are the professionals who show up to sing and completely botch it. So at three, this kid is KILLING IT. But he's also killing my ears. Is he cute? Yes. Advanced for his age? Absolutely. But is it good? No. So Wilcox and I will just have to continue to politely disagree.

Check out the video for yourself!

Now here is one of my FAVORITE viral kid videos:

And maybe the Gold Standard...

If nothing else, can we all agree that we like turtles???

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