What Would You Do if THIS Happened To You?

I haven't been able to get this video out of my mind since we talked about it on The Woody and Wilcox Show yesterday. A waitress in a Savannah, GA restaurant is taken by surprise when a customer (a stranger, for that matter) comes up behind her and grabs her backside. Her reaction is priceless. Check it out.

The man was later arrested. As a woman who worked in restaurants for years before (and during) my radio life, I know this kind of behavior all too well. And as a woman, my knee jerk reaction would have been the same. And for the record: it is never okay for a woman to touch a man without his consent either. We had a longer discussion on the air. Listen here and weigh in. (Jump to the 75 minute mark for this topic but listen to the whole podcast if you really want to improve your day.)