Watch This Limbo Champion Do the Impossible

Yesterday on The Woody and Wilcox Show we talked about Shemika Charles, the Guinness World Record holder for the lowest limbo (if that's even what you would call it). Normally I hate World Records but this is an exception. Now, I've seen a lot of crazy things in my life but absolutely nothing like this. Shemika was waiting on a flight at the Philadelphia airport and PUT.ON.A.SHOW. She "does the limbo" under the airport chairs and I'm telling you, even after seeing it about 87 times, I am still in disbelief. How does a body bend like this?!?!?! Howwwwww is her body not touching the ground?!?!?  I'm partly in awe and partly horrified. You may want to stretch before you watch this video. ~C


More on Shemika and her amazing limbo skills...

Chelsea - Woody and Wilcox Show


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