Watch This Limbo Champion Do the Impossible

posted by Chelsea - 

Yesterday on The Woody and Wilcox Show we talked about Shemika Charles, the Guinness World Record holder for the lowest limbo (if that's even what you would call it). Normally I hate World Records but this is an exception. Now, I've seen a lot of crazy things in my life but absolutely nothing like this. Shemika was waiting on a flight at the Philadelphia airport and PUT.ON.A.SHOW. She "does the limbo" under the airport chairs and I'm telling you, even after seeing it about 87 times, I am still in disbelief. How does a body bend like this?!?!?! Howwwwww is her body not touching the ground?!?!?  I'm partly in awe and partly horrified. You may want to stretch before you watch this video. ~C

More on Shemika and her amazing limbo skills...

Chelsea - Woody and Wilcox Show


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