Lion Gets Way Too Close With These Safari Tourists

As far as bucket lists go, I'm guessing "safari" is on a lot of them. I mean, that's a once in a lifetime kind of experience, right? Seeing these "wild" animals in their natural habitat. Well, in Crimea the safaris are extra up close and personal apparently. And the lions are very friendly. A tourist group on safari stops to check out a lion and it climbs INTO the vehicle. Luckily, this lion looks like he just wants to hug everyone but really, this could have gone sideways quickly. I mean, this is a HUGE animal. Even if he just wants a hug, the threat of being crushed is still there. What blows me away the most is how the tourists seem completely unfazed by the fact that A LION IS CLIMBING INTO THE VEHICLE. What is happening???? Why are you all just sitting there??? Why no running and yelling??? 

I have so many questions, as usual. And "safari" is going to stay on my bucket list but I probably won't be going to Crimea for that experience. I'd also like a vehicle with doors.