The "New Girl" Kills It With Judah and the Lion

So about Saturday night...let's take a minute to acknowledge that the Taco Lucha Festival was one of the most surreal experiences of my life, and I mean that in all of the best ways. It's strange enough telling people that you're going to a Taco Festival that features Luchador wrestling, Coolio and Judah and the Lion. Those are just the basics. The real event was far stranger and far more wonderful. Highlights: the killer playlist was worth the price of admission. What do you mean I can watch Mexican wrestling while Billy Ocean's Caribbean Queen is playing in the background? Is this even real life?!?! I also thought I was close to seeing the bright lights of Jesus when Coolio started his dedication to Prince over the instrumentals of Purple Rain ("I'm telling you right now, if I'm about to see Coolio do a cover of Purple Rain, I can pack it all up and call this a solid life.")

The best part of the night was hanging with the newest addition to our crazy radio family, Palmer. She's young and eager and energetic- all of the things I used to be- and she got to have a life moment Saturday that I'm so glad I got to witness. Not only did she get to be on stage introducing a band for the first time ever (ummm...only Judah and the Lion) but then this happened...

Welcome to the insanity, Palmer! You're literally a rock star.