Music with Friends is the Only Club You Need to Be In

So for the past few weeks you've heard me go on and on about Music with Friends (once from a bathtub). Why? Because it's a super cool music club and I love all types of music. When you become a member (and again...not like trying to join a country club), you get to see three exclusive shows a year in THE McGlohon Theatre at Spirit Square. This is easily my favorite venue in Charlotte! It's an old Baptist church that seats maybe 700 but it really feels about the size of a small movie theater. Can you imagine seeing legendary artists that up close and personal? And I mean LEGENDARY...Crosby, Stills, Nash, Gladys Knight, Norah Jones, ZZ Top (you can see the full list on their website.)

And this week I got to see Alison Krauss!!! Her voice is just incredible anywhere, but the acoustics in the McGlohon Theatre are what made this performance a true experience. The entire Music with Friends night was unforgettable, start to finish. I mean, the food at the pre-show party alone...(and an open bar for those of you who prefer to drink your dinner). I think I embarrassed myself, hovering over the tables of jumbo shrimp and crab claws. Worth it. The after party was at Sea Level and I'm sure there was an after after party with more than a few of the people I met. There are other social events throughout the year to mix and mingle and become friends with the other club members. This is truly a music lover's dream! And you can become a member too! Check out all the details here.

Another show is coming in December and bonus: Music with Friends supports local charities like Autism Charlotte and the Humane Society! So you get an exclusive music experience AND you are doing good in the community, by proxy anyway. How can you not feel good about that?