These Meteorologists Have Officially Lost It

Hurricane Michael hit the Florida Panhandle this week as a Category 4 storm and absolutely wrecked beach towns all along the Gulf Coast. Not to mention the destruction up through Florida and Southern Georgia. Even though this is a fast moving storm, by hurricane standards, 150 mph winds can wreak havoc. I feel like we can all agree on this, right? But this is what the professional meteorologists train for...extreme wind, rain, potential flooding. We get it. However, I believe that at some point, these meteorologists need to not put themselves in harms way just to prove how dangerous the conditions are. We can see the trees bending in half. We can barely see the screen at all because of the driving rain across your camera. If the camera guy is shooting from a hotel balcony while you are on your knees, hanging onto a street sign so you're not blown away, IT'S TOO MUCH. GET INSIDE. TRY TO LIVE. All it takes is one small object nailing you in the head at that speed to take you out of the weather game for good. Turn around, don't drown. Or get hit by a 2x4 in a hurricane.

I feel like this video gets the point across without sending some guy into the middle of it with a light windbreaker and a lot of hope.