You May Hate Ohio State Football But You Have to Love This

So all the kids are doing this "flossing" dance...ALL OF THEM, including my own kid who picked it up on the streets somewhere. I'm told it's a dance from Fortnite, which I thought was a game where you fight people, not dance. And besides, my son isn't allowed to play that game, so....I'm deep in the MOM-ZONE with the dance craze and the video games. And apparently it has gone beyond just the kiddos because the Ohio State University Band created their own "flossing" performance during halftime of last Saturday's game. Some background: if I remember anything about my childhood, it's Ohio State Football and dance lessons. Even beyond the football game itself, the OSU Band ("The best damn band in the land.") is a big deal. Whether you follow the team or not, you've probably heard about the band. Their performances are impressive and it's a big deal if you grow up in an OSU crazy family like mine. I've personally seen my dad "dot the i" in our living room on more than one occasion (that's not a euphemism but it probably should be when it doesn't involve my parents). So hate on the Buckeyes all you want, but give the band a hand for this one.