Pete Davidson Apologizes to Veteran

PETE DAVIDSON apologized to Lieutenant Commander DAN CRENSHAW on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend. Crenshaw is a former Navy SEAL who lost his eye in Afghanistan in 2012 and now wears an eye patch.  During a bit last week, Pete made fun of the vet's eye patch and blew off his military service. Pete took to Weekend Update Saturday to apologize to Crenshaw face to face. It was appropriate, heartfelt and refreshing to see someone take responsibility for a mistake and try to make it right, especially in this ugly political climate we're in. But Crenshaw got to take some shots at Pete, too...Ariana Grande ringtones (a jab at the broken engagement), cracks about his new look (there was mention of a troll doll). Crenshaw ended with a speech about how this should be a lesson that we should forgive one another, and that since it's Veterans Day weekend, we should connect with veterans, and tell them, "NEVER FORGET."   He added, quote, "And we'll never forget those we lost on 9/11 . . . heroes like Pete's father."  See, we CAN all get along. A least for a little while. Let's enjoy it until another Twitter war break.