A Family Found This in Their Christmas Tree and I Can't Handle It

I just got the Christmas tree out of our house over the weekend...less than a week after the New Year. Yay, me! I think this is fairly normal for at least a portion of Americans who wait until the new year to toss the tree. Enjoy the lights for a little longer. No big deal, right? Well, today, in his constant quest to horrify me, Woody told us about a family from Virginia who found HUNDREDS of praying mantises in their home. Upon further investigation, they found a praying mantis egg sac (don't even like typing that) in their Christmas tree!!!!!! Now, I don't hate the praying mantis. They are good for gardens and I've always loved the fun fact about how the females bite the heads off of the males. For some reason I feel like they might also eat their young (not cool), but I digress. As not fun as this may be, it could be worse...spiders, snakes (ugggggghhhhhhhh), fire ants. According to Woody and the National Christmas Tree Foundation, you should hose off your tree before bringing it in the house. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but, after you wash the tree, hopefully blasting away any egg sacs of bug type things, what's to stop all of the mantises and their buddies from crawling right back into that thing while it's drying? I'm going to stick with what I know and practice: kick the tree, shake it hard, and say a prayer before you bring it inside.

If you've never seen praying mantises hatch from an egg sac, 1. Don't. 2. If you must, step away from anything you might be eating and check out the video below.

And for more on the praying mantis infestation, you can check out the family's unique solution in the article below.