This Go Fund Me Video Changed My Day

I believe there are no coincidences. 

This past week during the show I was perusing all things online, as we do, and this Go Fund Me campaign found me. This may not seem like a big deal. Crowdfunding campaigns are shared everywhere. Most of them are legitimate and most are also heartbreaking, involving desperate people in the most emotional times. I can't handle it. For the same reason I can't visit animal shelters, I avoid these campaigns because they just hurt my heart too much. 

But this one pulled me in. 

P.J. Barnes was in a head on collision with a drunk driver in Charlotte a few nights ago. He lived, miraculously, but there are challenges ahead. His best friend, Keith, started this campaign to help with medical bills of course, but his message is what I needed to hear again today.

"Aside from donations, all the love you can send is just as necessary."

He goes on to say: "Life is what you make of it in your present state of being. The past is is the past. Can't change it. The future is unknown, but already written. So if you don't leave this page with anything, leave with this. Make the most out of your life presently. Spread love, be admirable, handle business, do all the things you dream of doing or wish you did RIGHT NOW. You never know when life will remind you of it's truth."

Check out Keith's video below. It is raw as he is clearly hurting for his friend and "brother" but his message is inspirational. You can also see the full Go Fund Me campaign here.

Now get out there and LIVE!!!!

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