This Ad May Cost Woody $4,000

We had a fun time talking to Woody's wife on the show this week. It's always funny to hear her tell Woody that he's wrong and we love to pile on and give him the business. But he may not be wrong this time. (Ugh, that's hard to stomach.) I saw the Peloton bike commercial everywhere last Christmas. It definitely pumped me up for something but mostly it made me listen to The Blueprint 3 on repeat. (A Jay-Z classic is used in the ad below, my favorite.) If I had more loose time and spending money, I'd love to have one of these. But this is a must have for Cyn, the Peloton Tread anyway. It's the treadmill version of the Peloton with the big interactive screen and the live class options. And it costs $4,000.

Woody's wife wants to buy a treadmill that costs $4,000!!!!

Now, after talking with her, I believe that she as well as at least one of their twins will use it (notice I did not include Woody in that). But again, $4,000. For that amount of money it better suck the fat off and shape my muscles. Maybe bathe me and buy me dinner after. That is a lot of money for a piece of exercise equipment that can do basically the same thing as a more affordable version. And you can go outside and use your legs for free anytime. I know, that doesn't include the live classes and the group motivation and what if it's raining?

Still a 'no' from me. I'll keep the $4k and jump up and down or something. I know Cynthia, though. If she wants this, it's happening. So good luck, Woody. I'll stop by and use your treadmill for free now.

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