Am I the Only One Who Liked the Halftime Show?!

So there has been almost unanimous hate against the performers of Sunday's Super Bowl. Even people who didn't see it seem to have an opinion. Welcome to the Internet. Look, I liked it and I'm unapologetic about it. I grew up in Atlanta and that performance felt like my high school years: just a mix of random people, places and things. Adam Levine with a rapper and a gospel choir? Yes, please. I love that Maroon 5 has hits that stretch from a different lifetime to my insane life today. For the record: Songs About Jane is still one of my favorite albums of all time, and they led with that. Big Boi is an Atlanta staple. I used to see him at this BP I'd stop at sometimes on the way to high school. Atlanta was a different place back then and I wish it had been a full Outkast performance, but still. It made me feel good. And that's the point. Even Travis Scott didn't suck like I'd imagined he would. I held it against him that he made a baby with a Kardashian but the tone of his voice was actually good. It's not his fault entire paragraphs had to be bleeped.

My point is this: we all like different things but the overwhelming negativity is unnecessary. Maybe I'm just looking for the positives in life, for the things that make me feel good. You can argue with each other all day and go back and forth about Adam Levine's wardrobe or tattoos or nipples. It entertained me and I am happier for it.

Here's the performance from Sunday if you want to watch and reconsider.

And if you missed our discussion today, here's my favorite from 2001. Watch until the end because Nelly is the highlight.

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