Stop What You're Doing and Watch Abducted in Plain Sight

So I’d been hearing some chatter about Abducted In Plain Sight and I know I’d passed over it a few times, looking for something else. But sweet baby Jesus I was not prepared for the story that unfolded when Frank and I finally watched it the other night. I mean, the general summary and preview was that a girl was kidnapped by a family friend. Twice. Sounded unbelievable and I already had questions. How twice!? By the same person!? How could it be true? I realized that those would be the least of my concerns within I’d say the first five minutes of watching. I was so blown away as this unfolded, I had to stop and check in with Facebook:

Check out the trailer below but keep in mind, this is only a preview. You have to watch it to discover the true craziness that makes up this ultimately awful but possibly redemptive story.

I feel like I need to watch the entire thing again (if I can stomach it) to be sure I'm not just imagining the insane details of this story. Is this true? How could this be true?!?! HOW?! Watch it, come up with your questions and conclusions, and then we'll meet, book club style.