Colin Hanks' Story About Meeting Luke Perry Will Have You Carrying Balloons

So, a little background: I'm 30-something and like so many women in my age bracket, I'm feeling the pain from the death of Luke Perry. To me, he was Dylan McKay on 90210 and one of my first TV crushes, even before I had crushes on real boys. The bad boy, in case you couldn't guess. And wouldn't you know that my father tuned in one night to check out the show his daughter was all about....and it was the episode where Brenda loses her virginity to Dylan on Prom Night. That was a fun conversation. But aside from mourning the death of your first fake crush, it has made it clear that time has passed. It has been nearly 30 years since Beverly Hills 90210 premiered. We have all gotten older. We are not here forever. But it was reading about Colin Hanks' first and only encounter with Luke Perry that gave me the gut punch. Read it and then go love your people.