Come Home, Steph Curry

That Steph Curry...what cannot he do? Now, his Aunt Jackie has been working down the hall from us for years, loves her some Wilcox and still...I have yet to see Steph walk into this building or meet him in person. #BucketList Seriously, though, you don't need to be a basketball fan to know the name Steph Curry (or Steph-an Curry if you're still feeling confused). NBA player for the Golden State Warriors, League MVP multiple times, championships, all-star games, insane three point skills, Davidson Alum, beautiful wife and may have heard of his dad, Dell...I could keep going. But insane basketball skills aside, Steph Curry seems like a really good guy. We see it over and over in big media moments and in small moments not meant for the camera. He loves his young fans and this video from January just keeps showing us that. So be more like Steph and less like the ones who fraternize with Kardashians. And COME HOME STEPH CURRY. WE NEED YOU!