The Possession of Hannah Grace Movie Review

Hanna Grace is a twenty-something female possessed by a demon who dies during an exorcism.  Three months later, her body arrives at the hospital morgue, where ex-cop Megan is working the night shift.  Weird stuff starts happening and people start dying.  

The movie is okay for a possession/horror film.  It has the mandatory jump scares.  It also gives Megan a back story that really didn't need to be there.  Working in a morgue, for whatever reason, is strange enough.  Working in a morgue, by yourself, at night, in a dimly lit basement, is just plain crazy.  

I did jump/scream about three times.  And there was one scene that caused me to yell out an expletive, resulting in laughter from the teenagers sitting next to me.  I'm surprised they even heard it, seeing as how they were texting the entire movie.