Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Movie Review

Turns out, there are multiple Spider-Men and they are all not men. There are some females and even a pig.  Several of these Spider-People come together in the new movie, Spider-Man:  Into the Spider-Verse. 

The story starts with Miles Morales, a teenager who acquires superhuman abilities from the usual method-a spider bite.  While learning to control his new-found powers, Miles must work with Spider-People from other universes to save the world.  

This is a fun, entertaining movie.  I don't read the Spider-Man comics but I spoke to some people who do.  They said that the movie stays true to the source material and, overall, they were impressed.  The animation is great.  A different style of animation is used for different characters.  Some scenes have the red and blue outlines, making it seem like the movie should be in 3-D.  This did take a moment for me to get used to.  I even looked around the theater to make sure I didn't need the 3-D glasses.  Once I realized this was a animation style choice, it was easy to get past.

Check out the trailer below.  When you see the movie, make sure to stay to the end to see the post-credit scene.

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