Mary Poppins Returns

This sequel to the Mary Poppins film released in 1964 does a great job of capturing the Mary Poppins-ish feel of the original.  Maybe a little too much?  It felt like each scene in the original had a corresponding scene in the sequel. 

Original:  Mary's friend is a chimney sweep.
Sequel:  Mary's friend is a lamp lighter.

Original:  Mary and crew jump into a sidewalk painting to dance with cartoons.
Sequel:  Mary and crew jump onto a bowl to dance with cartoons.

Original:  Mary and crew visit Uncle Albert who can't stop laughing.
Sequel:  Mary and crew visit her cousin who sometimes lives in a topsy turvy world.

And there is more.  This makes me wonder if we really needed this film.  The songs are catchy and there is a moral to the story.  Emily Blunt is great as Mary Poppins and the adult Jane reminded me so much of the younger version.

I say don't see this movie in theaters.  Wait until it is available on demand so that you can watch it in sections, maybe even skipping some parts.  Just remember that Mary Poppins Returns (and all other Disney releases) won't be available on Netflix.  Disney is starting its own streaming service in 2019.

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