Birthday Wishes to Justin Timberlake-Four Days Late

Because my life at #Job2 has been so busy over the last three weeks, I was not able to properly acknowledge the birth of my favorite singer/musician/actor/dancer-maybe even my favorite person-Justin Timberlake. Even though his birthday has passed and he is now thirty-eight years and four days old, I must shout, "Happy birthday!"

To honor the birthday boy, I have decided to share my top three JT videos. These aren't my favorite songs but my favorite videos. Mirrors is definitely a top three song but the video? Not so much. The videos I tend to enjoy the most are the ones with the most JT screen time.

Number three: MY LOVE

Cool song, lots of dancing, and Justin in a nice outfit. What more do you need?

Number two: ROCK YOUR BODY

From Justified, this video showcases Justin's beat boxing skills. And the all white outfit looks amazing.


Another white outfit makes JT look like an angel. And JT dancing in a grocery store! And those blue eyes!

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