Movie Review: Penguins

My nephew was visiting over the Easter weekend. Since the weather was rainy and cold and Carowinds was out of the question, I asked him what else he wanted to do. His first choice: making a potion out of kiwi juice. Second choice: seeing Steve.

Steve is a penguin in the new movie from DisneyNature entitled Penguins. Specifically, Steve is an Adelie penguin and, for the first time, he is looking for a mate and hoping to start a family. To accomplish this, Steve faces several obstacles including harsh weather, predators, and even members of his own species.

The movie is excellently narrated by actor Ed Helms and gives Steve an endearing personality. You can't help but to root for him. The first scene shows Steve walking alone across a large frozen tundra. He's alone because he is late. The other penguins are well ahead of him. Things only get worse from there. Steve is an underdog that all of us can relate to. At one point or another, we have all been Steve.

This movie both entertained and educated. Never mind my opinion. What did the thirteen-year-old boy think? He thought it was great and really enjoyed the action-filled scenes.

And we did make the potion. We couldn't find any kiwi juice so we substituted lime-ade. Add some cherry juice, lemon juice, water, and cherries and you have Green Potion from the Legend of Zelda. Yum!

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