Stone Temple Pilots has new lead singer

Stone Temple Pilots debuted their new singer at an invite only show at the Troubadour this week.  His name is Jeff Gutt (pronounced like Goot.)  Even though we know no one can replace Scott Weiland... he sounds a lot like Scott Weiland.  He has an excellent voice and judging by the sound check audio posted below he'll be able to carry all of the bands major hits. 

There is a great article on Rolling Stone's website that details the whole story on how the band came to choose Gutt and that he wasn't on their original list of singer submissions.  It was a friend of the band that said "hey, you need to go see this guy.  He's local.  He's great..."  They did.  And a few months later he was the lead singer for STP.  

When asked in the article about being the lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots, Gutt said it was surreal. "I was probably 16 or 17 when Core came out," he says, "and I just remember how Scott could cater to the song and create these characters. That blew me away. I was really studying singers at the time and Scott was at the top of the list. So walking in on that first day, it was crazy. I mean, you have dreams about things like this. I still feel a little Mark Wahlberg–ish."

At the very bottom of this post is the first studio song released by STP featuring their new lead singer.



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