Tom Morello impressed by new style guitar player. Not easy to do!

I don't think there's anyone who wouldn't agree that Tom Morello from Rage Against The Machine was an innovator at his craft. Perhaps he is the last "unique" guitar player who does things so differently it's inspired a new generation of guitar players. To that point though, to impress Tom Morello with a new unique style is not easy to do. Tom recently posted a tweet featuring a new guitar player that is truly innovating. There are people on the internet who are questioning whether or not this is real or at least "programmed" because... well, INTERNET. It does, however, look to me like he is actually playing all of this. This is not necessarily a sound I would seek out to enjoy in my personal time, but very interesting nonetheless. Charles Caswell is the guitar player behind the internet based band Berried Alive. Check out the tweet, then the full video. I had to watch a few times to wrap my mind around what this guy is doing. Hope you're sitting down. If music could ever cause seizures, this would be when. Watch and listen at your own risk!