Thieves Stole Barrels Of Beer Being Aged In Sunken Ship

BroBible call it a "wild heist", which is very accurate.

Three breweries in Mar del Plata, Argentina teamed up to sink seven barrels in a shipwreck as a unique way to age their beer. They left the barrels in "a sunken ship located five miles off the coast under 66 feet of water", and you'd think that would be a really secure place to leave your beer. Apparently not.

When they went back to retrieve the barrels, they were gone. Someone had cut them loose.

The thing is, the beer being barrel-aged wasn't suitable for drinking by itself. The breweries intended to mix it with another beer to create a strong ale, because the underwear beer is "a lukewarm, gasless liquor that would be very difficult to drink".

This was a project the breweries had worked on for several years, and they're heartbroken that it was destroyed. Proceeds were even set to go to charity! They're hoping local authorities can find the people responsible.

Source: NY Times