Woman Refuses to Return $100k Engagement Ring


Ok, so, Sarah Jones Dickens and Ryan Strasser were in love. Sorta. Like a really weird version of love where they decided to move in together because her car broke down and she couldn't get back to North Carolina, where shes's from. So she moved into his condo, but that was "too small" for the couple and their three dogs. Somehow. Naturally, they moved into a FIVE BEDROOM HOUSE IN WASHINGTON, D.C. (It was about $5,000 a month in rent, in case you were curious.) Five bedrooms. In a super affluent part of DC. For a couple. And their dogs. Ok. 

AND THEN ya girl apparently EXPECTED him to propose to her within a year of the start of the relationship. What's true love without a deadline, ya know? Of course there were also rules about the ring. It had to be between 3.5 and 5 carats,  have an inclusion rating of a VS2 or better, and a color rating of G or better. YOU PROBABLY DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THOSE THINGS MEAN BECAUSE YOU'RE NOT A PSYCHO. And if you do, you probably sell diamonds. Or just bought one. Frankly the reason doesn't matter because it's undoubtedly 100% a better reason than hers. 

Strasser, the guy, didn't want to spend MORE THAN $40K on the ring (as if that were reasonable in the first place???) but Dickens said she wanted him to spend "extra" on it because she didn't believe in wasting money on a wedding. Extra. Extra to $40k. 

Shockingly, they broke up. The guy moved out of the house but continued to pay rent on it so the woman could continue living there (on the one hand, what a great guy. On the other had, bro, you're kinda dumb). During this time, he had to frickin' NEGOTIATE with her to get his stuff back. She straight up refused to return the ring and a bunch of electrical stuff. Because she's, like, the worst. 

So then, this chick just leaves the place, that he's paying for, without telling him. Purposefully unplugs the fridge that was full of meat so it would get all gross, and he had to foot the bill for damages. 

He's suing her for all the damages, and to get the ring back. If there's any justice in the world, he'll win. 

tl;dr The worst woman ever takes advantage of her ex in every possible way, is a straight up gold digger, and refuses to give back the ring. So he's suing her. 

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