Tamo's Chipotle Queso Taste Test

Because queso is life, I couldn't resist doing a taste test of Chipotle's queso which hit stores nationwide today.

Still hot after the 5 minute drive from Chipotle to the station, I immediately dive in and my first thought: it's okay

Have you ever bought one of those "healthier" queso dips at Kroger? That's exactly what this tastes like...a little on the watery side, lacking a super cheesy flavor.

This is definitely suitable in a pinch, when the queso craving hits, and is certainly suitable as a dip for your quesadilla or sauce for your taco. However, for my true queso fans, I'd stick with Tostitos, Qdoba, or even trusty Plaza Azteca!


*** TIP: adding 2 packets of Taco Bell Fire Sauce, really made this a desirable and satisfying queso 

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