I Started A GoFundMe For My Sad Friend Who Keeps Getting Dumped

Have one of those friends that seems like a privileged d-bag, but you know that deep down they are just super sad and can't seem to catch a break? That's my friend, Alex, and last week he hit the lowest of lows.

He'd been talking to this girl for a while & they finally setup a date to meet. She stands him up. Her excuse the next day: SHE FELL ASLEEP! Girrrrl, you got some karma coming your way.

He goes to drink away his sorrows, only to realize he has NO MONEY. In a way, he totally dodged a bullet, because how embarrassing would that have been when he went to pay the tab? 

But, at the end of the day, I'd like to think that we should all rally when a fellow friend gets the shaft.

Let's do it!

Read the full story in the link below or CLICK HERE

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