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Chipotle's New Drive-Thru Isn't Really A Drive-Thru At All & I'm Pissed

First, you want me to take out a 2nd mortgage to get some guac. Now, you want to tell me about a drive-thru that isn't really a drive-thru?

Every relationship has its ups & downs, but Chipotle and I have been driving on some rocky terrain for a while. 

I finally came to accept that I had to pay extra for guacamole and that I'd be reminded of that every. damn. time. I order some...

     Me: I'll have a side of guac

    Chipotle employee: That'll be $1.80 extra. That ok?

     Me: For the fifty-leventh time, Lawd, YES!

THEN, you want give me that ABHORRENT excuse for queso?! Like, what in the actual hell am I eating?

NOW, you want to tell me about a drive-thru where all I'm doing is driving through to pick up food I've already ordered on the mobile app?

You know what, Chipotle? I need some space.

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