IHOP Is Now IHOb And I'm Not Sure About Anything Anymore

IHOP is officially IHOb, International House Of Burgers. 

They've got a new line of steak burgers & I mean, I understand they are really proud of that but dude, is it worth changing your name? I love my fiance, but I'm still on the fence about changing my name because my name is how people know me...ya know?

So now, all of a sudden, I'm supposed to be like, "Oh! You know who has the best burgers?! The pancake joint!"

Imagine if your mom just decided to change her name one day. The woman you've known your whole life is now "Not Mom." Also, why is the 'b' lowercase? Are you guys focusing on sliders or something? I don't get it.

I remember growing up in Virginia Beach & going to the IHOP in the K-Mart shopping center across from Pembroke Mall. My little brother would always get the silver dollar pancakes & I would get all moody because I don't really like breakfast. For the record, I always settled on hash browns (extra ketchup) and cheese eggs. SIDE NOTE: kinda weird I just wrote "cheese eggs," because I've literally never called them "cheese eggs" in my life. I grew up in a house where they were referred to as "scrambled eggs with cheese." Get into it.

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