Today Is National Tequila Day & It's Also Taco Tuesday

This is what we've been training for...National Tequila Day falling on a Taco Tuesday. In honor of this glorious occasion, here are some tequila & taco tips for you...

Starting with my favorites:

1. When eating a crunchy taco, put a flour tortilla down. It catches everything that falls out & BOOM, you got another taco.

2. When you are going for lower shelf tequila shot, get a coke-back (a little shot of coca-cola to drink right after)! Trust me! My go-to is a shot of Cuervo with a Coke back! The coke completely diminishes the taste.

Now for some pretty common hacks:

3. Soak watermelon slices in tequila, put in freezer for 25 minutes before you eat, dip the slice in kosher salt & VOILA! It's like you have an edible margarita!

4. Make DIY taco bowls! Flip a cupcake/muffin tin upside down. Nestle in a soft taco shell between 4 of the raised cupcake molds. Bake for 5-8 minutes on 350!

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