Woman Trying To Change Daughter's Name Because It's Too Common

You can't just go around changin' folk's names! This woman says her 4-yr-old daughter's name is too common, so naturally, she needs to change it.

ESMEE. The girl's name is Esmee. I don't know about you but I don't know a single Esmee. Maybe I'm in the wrong part of the world, but that name doesn't seem common. 

Oh excuse me...after further investigation, Esmee was the 585th most popular name in 2017. Girlbye.

AND P.S. DID YOU KNOW that 140 babies were named "Tesla" last year? Yep! And 130 of those babies were girls. Oh...she ain't gonna be a stripper. LOL. 

Makes my parents look less crazy because you know those nurses were thinking ohhhh these people enjoy drugs when my parents named me Tamo!!!

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