The Hot Water Challenge Is More Proof That Society Is Doomed

The Hot Water Challenge is Internet Stupidity at its finest! File under "Common Sense Ain't So Common."

Basic human instinct should prevent someone from pouring boiling water on themselves WILLINGLY. But apparently, evolution hasn't provided some folks with this gift. 

People are suffering severe burns as a result of the Hot Water Challenge. Reports claim one person has even died from the challenge.

Let's be clear on something: NO AMOUNT OF ATTENTION IS WORTH HURTING YOURSELF! Please do not pour boiling water on your skin. You could be left with third degree burns, and that's of you're lucky!

"It’s called the “Hot Water Challenge,” and it landed a 15 year old in the hospital for a week. Now the teen and his family are issuing a warning to Hoosiers." - Nick McGill

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