PLOT TWIST: Toto Covers Weezer's Hash Pipe

Thirty six years later, Weezer covers Toto's Africa & it has seen huge success. Keeping it interesting, Toto decided to cover Weezer's Hash Pipe!

If you're just catching up, it all started with a Twitter campaign demanding that Weezer cover Toto's Africa. After the tweet went viral, Weezer obliged! It's been fascinating to not only see the success of the cover but to see the camaraderie between Toto & Weezer.

Toto was beyond supportive & actually seemed to get a kick of how their song from over 3 decades ago was no being played on the radio all over the country and being sung by teenagers!

Fast forward to today, and Toto has covered Weezer's Africa. WATCH BELOW

"We were smoking hash before they were born." - Toto on covering Weezer's Hash Pipe

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