Death Cab For Cutie Drops New Single 'Autumn Love'

Ahead of their new album 'Thank You For Today," out on August 17th, Death Cab For Cutie releases a new song!

Can we take a moment to agree that Transatlanticism and Plans are two of the greatest albums ever? I this day when I hear 'Title and Registration' I feel like I'm being punched right in the feels. But let's take another moment to agree that what makes those albums so great is that they can't (and shouldn't) be duplicated? Keep that in mind when listening to the new DCFC, k?

I have a feeling we will get to hear a few new songs from Death Cab For Cutie when they play our ALT 98.7 Summer Camp on Sunday, July 12th at Queen Mary Events Park!

The new song is called Autumn Love. Enjoy below

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