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Meet Billie Eilish & Listen To Your New Favorite Song

'You Should See Me In A Crown," is dark and ultra sexy and vulnerable and totally bad ass, just like Billie Eilish. The fact that she's 16 is just a cherry on top.

When I first heard this song I had to dive a little deeper and I am so glad I did. In a few interviews I watched with Billie Eilish, she said a lot that resonated with me...like the fact that F**K anyone who discounts you and your emotions because of your age! 

I remember feeling the hardest and deepest things when I was younger and just being totally shut down...like it was growing pangs or something. F that! And it still happens today. Even as an adult, someone 10 or 20 yrs older than me will laugh at an experience of mine or my view/opinion of something like awww isn't that cute? Wait until you're a real adult (i.e.; a real person) and then your feelings and thoughts and words will matter.

And you wanna know what sucks? I find myself doing it to other people; people who are younger than me! It's bulls**t. But it's a culture and I've allowed myself to be a product of my environment.

Not Billie Eilish. 

She is strong and self-aware and with that comes this beautiful darkness and vulnerability.

Prepare to be lifted.

Below is the interview that really made me feel like I know Billie Eilish.

WARNING: Language

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