MAC Cosmetics Posts Un-Touched Photo That Shows Upper Lip Hair

MAC Cosmetics received lots of negative feedback for the un-touched photo they posted where you can see the model's upper-lip hair.

Everyone claims they want transparency, especially in the beauty industry where women want to see real women represented. But as we saw from a recent post by MAC Cosmetics, the amount of real we want to see has limits.

The photo below received a lot of negative comments because you can clearly see the woman's hair on her upper lip.

alig_bae comments: In response to @Glamourmagazine post, all those that are slamming Mac for using an unedited photo should be embracing the fact that it’s UNEDITED. As a designer, who is use to retouching images, a female and a consumer (also buys Mac products) I 👏🏾 you! We all have facial hairs, fact of life. When I look at a 5x magnifying mirror to put makeup on...what do I see? Hairs. When a picture is taken of me on a Hasslebald or Cannon camera and zoomed in...what do I see? Hairs. There are more important to worry about than facial hairs, Think camera RAW. No wonder there is a lot of plastic around with comments like this. BTW nice shade I have that too and team it with Fresh Brew lippy!

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