This New 'Unicorn Tears' Wine May Be The Greatest Achievement Of 2019

If New Years Day falling on a Taco Tuesday wasn't enough to let you know 2019 is going to be a good year, this new 'unicorn tears' wine might be the confirmation you need

According to Bustle:

If you’ve made it a goal to inject 2019 with as much magic as possible, I have excellent news for you: “Unicorn Tears” wine from the Spanish winery Gik is here, and yes, it’s pink and sparkly. Indeed, Unicorn Tears — in Spanish, “Lágrimas de Unicornio” — claims to be “the pinkest rosé that has ever been created,” according to a press release provided to Bustle. I’m not sure if the company has any data to back up that claim, but I can at least confirm that, on sight, the wine is very, very pink. Praise be to our unicorn overlords! Or… something.

SOURCE: Bustle

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